1 full time Chief and Captain
and 21 Volunteers.

1 full time Chief and Captain
and 21 Volunteers.

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LSFD March Update 2021

April 16

For March 2021, Lake Shastina Fire responded to a total of 53 calls of service, including:

  • 32 medical emergencies
  • 6 public assists
  • 3 traffic collisions
  • 2 vehicle fires
  • 2 checks on control burns
  • 1 grass fire
  • 1 hazardous condition call/power line down
  • 1 commercial fire alarm call

The burn site has seen a good amount of activity from the public every other Saturday. LSFD burned the piles back in February, and they have already been built up again. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the community, expressing appreciation for keeping the site open on a consistent schedule and having a place locally to take pine needles and branches.

We will be keeping the burn site open until fire season is declared.

LSFD received the new SCBA packs and have outfitted the engines with them. We also received new SCBA masks with thermal imaging cameras built into the mask. With this, firefighters will be able to see any heat signatures in a building, which is crucial when visibility is compromised in most structure fires. Finding heat signatures quickly will allow firefighters to extinguish flames and prevent the fire from further spreading through a building.

With wildland season approaching, LSFD will be hosting RT-130 training for all volunteers for the month of April. RT-130 is the national training standard for wildland fire safety, and is required for volunteers to go on strike teams. By hosting this training, all volunteers will receive training on fighting wildland fire safely, covering topics like deploying a fire shelter, placing and using hose lays, understanding how fire travels through different fuels, and taking weather readings.

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